Supply Chain Solutions

Everest understands the complexity of supply chains and just-in-time delivery. Everest is committed to providing responsive and innovate supply chain service programs.

No two solutions are the same – transportation, distribution, inventory and delivery systems.

The optimal solution is the perfect combination of a number of solutions. Everest specializes in developing and implementing management systems specific to a customer’s supply chain requirements. Everest assists in managing the distribution network, inventory and enterprise resource planning from factory to end customer. Everest provides the advanced decision support tools that assist in reducing physical stock with intelligent information planning.

Everest offers its customers full logistical support, import/export facilities and dedicated distribution support and management systems. All facilities are connected to Everest’s data based inventory management system. Everest utilizes bar coding technology and EDI to ensure accuracy and reduce administrative and operational expenses. Everest has RFID capability.